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Upcoming Releases posted by Majin^Vegetto on 07-26-2003 14:11

WOW! weve peaked at 435 and to think we came from a 120 user sized channel Thanks to all who support us especially the staff, and servers

Upcoming releases:

Night Warriors 1-2
Yu Yu Haskusho 47-48 * By popular demand we skipped to 47-48, but will continue with 5+
Kenshin 17-?? (Probably 23 but 24 could be out)

News about 128 - 129 of DB, They won't be ripped from the disc, the first disc wouldn't let him, then Necro drove 45 min away to get another and it was the same problem, thus, please respond (via comment below) on whether you want us to release 130-131 with out the others, we are prepared to and probably will anyway.

Unfortunately, our best bot is offline..we're not sure why but rest assured we're working on it. Even the best bots, even aX can admit, the best bots will go off at the worst time

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Packlisting 7/23/03 posted by Majin^Vegetto on 07-23-2003 11:40

** 99 packs ** 0 of 3 slots open, Queue: 27/50, Max: 30.0KB/s, Record: 359.0KB/s
** Bandwidth Usage ** Current: 50.9KB/s, Cap: 100.0KB/s, Record: 676.1KB/s
** To request a file type: "/msg [AC]ReleasesIV xdcc send #x" **
#1 17x [234M] [AC]_Oh_My_Goddess!_OVA1_-_KoStIsTR.ogm
#2 12x [234M] [AC]_Oh_My_Goddess!_OVA2_-_KoStIsTR.ogm
#3 12x [234M] [AC]_Oh_My_Goddess!_OVA3_-_KoStIsTR.ogm
#4 6x [465M] [AC]_Oh_My_Goddess!_OVA5_-_KoStIsTR.ogm
#5 39x [230M] [AC]Trigun_01_-_The_$$60,000,000,000_Man.ogm
#6 31x [228M] [AC]Trigun_02_-_Truth_Of_Mistake.ogm
#7 27x [229M] [AC]Trigun_03_-_Peace_Maker.ogm
#8 6x [232M] [AC]Trigun_04_-_Love_&_Peace(Final).ogm
#9 25x [237M] [AC]Trigun_05_-_Hard_Puncher.ogm
#10 24x [237M] [AC]Trigun_06_-_Lost_July.ogm
#11 18x [236M] [AC]Trigun_07_-_B.D.N.ogm
#12 19x [232M] [AC]Trigun_08_-_And_Between_The_Wasteland_and_Sky.ogm
#13 17x [234M] [AC]Trigun_09_-_Murder_Machine.ogm
#14 15x [234M] [AC]Trigun_10_-_Quick_Draw.ogm
#15 18x [235M] [AC]Trigun_11_-_Escape_From_Pain.ogm
#16 15x [234M] [AC]Trigun_12_-_Diablo.ogm
#17 14x [234M] [AC]Trigun_13_-_Vash_The_Stampede.ogm
#18 13x [234M] [AC]Trigun_14_-_Little_Arcadia.ogm
#19 13x [234M] [AC]Trigun_15_-_Demon's_Eye.ogm
#20 16x [234M] [AC]Trigun_16_-_Fifth_Moon.ogm
#21 17x [234M] [AC]Trigun_17_-_Rem_Saverem.ogm
#22 15x [234M] [AC]Trigun_18_-_GoodBye_For_Now.ogm
#23 16x [234M] [AC]Trigun_19_-_Hang_Fire.ogm
#24 22x [234M] [AC]Trigun_20_-_Flying_Ship.ogm
#25 24x [234M] [AC]Trigun_21_-_Out_Of_Time.ogm
#26 19x [234M] [AC]Trigun_22_-_Alternative.ogm
#27 21x [234M] [AC]Trigun_23_-_Paradise.ogm
#28 10x [234M] [AC]Trigun_24_-_Sin.ogm
#29 14x [234M] [AC]Trigun_25_-_Live_Through.ogm
#30 7x [229M] [AC]Trigun_26_-_Under_The_Sky_So_Blue.ogm
#31 13x [229M] [AC]-Yu_Yu_Hakusho_-_01_-_Surprised_To_Be_Dead.ogm
#32 7x [229M] [AC]-Yu_Yu_Hakusho_-_02_-_Koenma_Appears.ogm
#33 1x [213M] [AC]-Yu_Yu_Hakusho_-_03_-_Kuwabara_a_Promise_Between_Men.ogm
#34 2x [229M] [AC]-Yu_Yu_Hakusho_-_04_-_Requirements_for_Lovers.ogm
#35 14x [233M] [AC]Orphen_01__sizematters.ogm
#36 8x [233M] [AC]Orphen_02__sizematters.ogm
#37 10x [232M] [AC]Orphen_03__sizematters.ogm
#38 6x [233M] [AC]Orphen_04__sizematters.ogm
#39 5x [233M] [AC]Orphen_05__sizematters.ogm
#40 6x [232M] [AC]Orphen_06__sizematters.ogm
#41 7x [233M] [AC]Orphen_07__sizematters.ogm
#42 8x [232M] [AC]Orphen_08__sizematters.ogm
#43 6x [232M] [AC]Orphen_09__sizematters.ogm
#44 4x [232M] [AC]orphen_10__sizematters.ogm
#45 5x [233M] [AC]orphen_11__sizematters.ogm
#46 4x [233M] [AC]orphen_12__sizematters.ogm
#47 3x [233M] [AC]orphen_13__sizematters.ogm
#48 5x [233M] [AC]orphen_14__sizematters.ogm
#49 6x [664M] [AC]-Ghost_In_The_Shell-Movie_-_Dual_Audio.ogm
#50 5x [444M] [AC]-DB_Movie_03_-_Mystical_Adventure_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#51 0x [721M] [AC]_DB_Movie_04_-_The_Path_to_Power_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#52 26x [675M] [AC]DWL_VampireWars-Movie.ogm
#53 2x [671M] [AC]Samurai_X_-_Reflection_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#54 7x [234M] [AC]Gundam_Wing_-_Episode_1_-_[Bones558_Dual_Audio_DVD_Rip]
#55 3x [234M] [AC]Gundam_Wing_-_Episode_2_-_[Bones558_Dual_Audio_DVD_Rip]
#56 3x [234M] [AC]Gundam_Wing_-_Episode_3_-_[Bones558_Dual_Audio_DVD_Rip]
#57 1x [234M] [AC]Gundam_Wing_-_Episode_4_-_[Bones558_Dual_Audio_DVD_Rip]
#58 1x [234M] [AC]Gundam_Wing_-_Episode_5_-_[Bones558_Dual_Audio_DVD_Rip]
#59 1x [233M] [AC]Gundam_Wing_-_Episode_6_-_[Bones558_Dual_Audio_DVD_Rip]
#60 0x [234M] [AC]Gundam_Wing_-_Episode_7_-_[Bones558_Dual_Audio_DVD_Rip].ogm
#61 0x [234M] [AC]Gundam_Wing_-_Episode_8_-_[Bones558_Dual_Audio_DVD_Rip].ogm
#62 0x [233M] [AC]Gundam_Wing_-_Episode_9_-_[Bones558_Dual_Audio_DVD_Rip].ogm
#63 0x [235M] [AC]Gundam_Wing_-_Episode_10_-_[Bones558_Dual_Audio_DVD_Rip].ogm
#64 0x [248M] [AC]-DBZ_-_dub#103_sub#118_-_Frieza's_Counterattack_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#65 0x [238M] [AC]_DBZ_-_dub#104_sub#119_-_The_Mysterious_Youth_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#66 0x [270M] [AC]-DBZ_-_d105_s120_-_Another_Super_Saiyan_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#67 0x [220M] [AC]-DBZ_-_d106_s121_-_Welcome_Back_Goku_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#68 0x [216M] [AC]-DBZ_-_d107_s122_-_Mystery_Revealed_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#69 0x [264M] [AC]-DBZ_-_d108_s123_-_Goku's_Special_Technique_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#70 0x [254M] [AC]-DBZ_-_d109_s124_-_Z_Warriors_Prepare_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#71 1x [251M] [AC]-DBZ_-_d110_s125_-_Goku's_Ordeal_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#72 4x [231M] [AC]Kenshin_09_-_The_Strongest_Ninja_Clan__Fear_the_Oniwa_Banshu.ogm
#73 6x [231M] [AC]Kenshin_10_-_Aoshi__Lethal_Power_Raised_to_Beauty.ogm
#74 4x [231M] [AC]Kenshin_11_-_Adios__My_Strongest_Friends___Crashing_Shadows_and_Light.ogm
#75 1x [214M] [AC]Kenshin_12_-_Birth_of_a_Junior_Samurai__The_First_Disciple__Yahiko_s_Battle.ogm
#76 1x [234M] [AC]_DWL_Generator_001.ogm
#77 0x [230M] [AC]_DWL_Generator_002.ogm
#78 0x [231M] [AC]_DWL_Generator_003.ogm
#79 1x [231M] [AC]_DWL_Generator_007.ogm
#80 1x [230M] [AC]_DWL_Generator_008.ogm
#81 2x [241M] [AC]_DWL_Generator_009.ogm
#82 2x [234M] [AC]_DWL_Generator_010.ogm
#83 2x [233M] [AC]_DWL_Generator_011.ogm
#84 1x [232M] [AC]_DWL_Generator_012.ogm
#85 18x [235M] [AC]-DBGT_-_d17_s32_-_The_Return_of_Uub_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#86 11x [261M] [AC]-DBGT_-_d18_s33_-_A_Tail's_Tale_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#87 7x [233M] [AC]-DBGT_-_d19_s34_-_back_in_the_game__necrocannibal_.ogm
#88 2x [230M] [AC]-DB_-_123_-_Lost_and_Found_[NecroCannibal].ogm
#89 3x [231M] [AC]inuyasha_-_019_-_Go_Home_To_Your_Own_Time_Kagome.ogm
#90 3x [231M] [AC]inuyasha_-_020_-_Despicable_Villian!_The_Mystery_Of_Onigumo.ogm
#91 4x [230M] [AC]inuyasha_-_021_-_Naraku's_True_Identity_Unveiled.ogm
#92 1x [230M] [AC]Kenshin_13_-_You_Can_Do_It__Toramaru__The_Dosukoi_Journey.ogm
#93 0x [230M] [AC]Kenshin_14_-_To_Save_a_Small_Life__Challenge__Doctor_Megumi.ogm
#94 1x [230M] [AC]Kenshin_15_-_The_Operation_Starts__The_Terrorist_Group_Jinpu_Tai.ogm
#95 0x [231M] [AC]Kenshin_16_-_Take_a_Pledge__The_Hidden_Sword_Technique__Shiden_No_Tachi.ogm
#96 2x [219M] [AC]_Hack_Sign_-_11_-_Party.ogm
#97 1x [212M] [AC]_Hack_Sign_-_12_-_entanglement.ogm
#98 0x [230M] [AC]_Hack_Sign_-_13_-_Twilight_eye.ogm
#99 0x [224M] [AC]_Hack_Sign_-_14_-_Castle.ogm
** #AnimeCorp Latest Releases **
Total Offered: 25327.6 MB Total Transferred: 261.48 GB


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Sorry.. posted by Majin^Vegetto on 07-18-2003 23:50

Sorry for the lack of updates but heres some news:

1) it seems as though ONLY our channel has these join/part or join/quit(Connection reset by peer) problems, we dont' know what it is so bear with us!


3) In BIG news, DBGT 14-16 are released(on Fservs)

4) In BIGGER news DB 123 is out. SOON on fservs and bots but on Bittorrent atm. You can find it here: DBZ-Vortex


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Apology posted by Majin^Vegetto on 07-17-2003 15:56

I must apologize for the slowness of GT eps. Unfortunately, the owner of ReleasesIV had placed a cap on it to 100kbs. It USED to be 15 sends, up to 900kbs combined sends. This cap severely restricted the sending capabilities. Anyway, if you are an edu, or can upload at 100k please MSG ME ASAP!

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Great News! posted by Majin^Vegetto on 07-16-2003 10:51


Well, I solved the dilemma, but its not EXACTLY how i had it planned. See we now have a new bot that goes fairly fast, (NewReleases-II) It does have SOME packs on it but not CAN XDCC LIST that bot. However ReleasesIV you will not be able to.

Heres what we released today!
Kenshin 10-12 [DVD, OGM]
Dragonball Z 105-110 [DVD, OGM] (<--those are the dub #s)
Inuyasha 19-21 [DVD, OGM]
Sailor Moon 6-7 [DVD, AVI]
Gundam Wing 7-10 [DVD, OGM]

Kenshin 13+
DBGT 18-19 & 14-16
.hack//sign 11+

A New Series
A DBZ Movie

And for those of you wondering about why skipping 14-16 of GT. Heres the thing. These episodes are EXACTLY mg quality if not BETTER by a bit. Even you aX people out there who claim nothing can beat mg can take a look at Necro's latest! Its amazing. Anyway, since they are of that quality, we thought best, to finish the set of dvds off. MG has a slight delay in his . So, we released it so we could be the first chan! However, 14-16 WILL be done! So, if your collecting eps and want them from the same chan, fear not AC will encode 14-16. I hope this explains it!

A pack listing (or the #s needed to send files on Releases can be found by clicking the FULL STORY link at the bottom!

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Forum Now Up posted by Majin^Vegetto on 07-14-2003 13:44

Forum is now available! Thus, please sign up. You will need a VALID email to do ANYTHING on the site. (once youve validated that email, you are officially a member).

Also, the Poll is up, please vote if you haven't already. We, if we get a good response per poll, will encode based upon that poll. It varies each week!

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